Herbal tea – naturally delicious drinking pleasure in every season

Herbal tea

Herbal tea – a tasty drink and healthy food

Herbal tea combines enjoyment and health

When it is cold and uncomfortable outside, herbal tea warms us up again and gives off a delicious aroma. Would you have thought that herbal tea in Germany is drunk most often by young and old? In fact, herbal tea is even more popular in Germany than green tea, black tea or fruit tea. By the way, the official name for herbal tea is “tea-like product”, since the term tea may only be used for products made from the tea plant. Herbal tea can contain various plant components such as dried flowers, leaves, roots and fruits, a good product is made from plants in organic quality. Herbal tea supplies our body with fluids and contributes to a healthy diet, herbal tea can even contain one or two vitamins.

Herbal tea is the ideal tea pleasure for every time of day, mono herbs and herbal blends perfect for every season

Of course you can drink herbal tea all day long. Herbal tea serves the well-being, the liquid absorption and has also medical effects. Herbal tea tastes cold or hot, it can be served unsweetened or with a little honey. Herbal tea blends are ideal, especially in the evening, as they usually contain no caffeine. An exception is herbal tea containing mate tea or guarana.

Mono herbal tea consists only of an herb such as camomile or peppermint. Mixtures are finely composed and contain a variety of different flowers, leaves and roots. They also have imaginative names such as Frühlingskuss and are often composed to suit the seasons. Christmas blends with cinnamon or ginger are ideal for winter, herbal tea to protect us from colds etc. for autumn.

Herbal teas, in the right preparation, are the pharmacy of nature

Drinking herbal infusions is an ancient tradition that was already practiced in ancient times. Even before modern medicine existed, people used herbs to treat health problems.

Even today herbal tea helps you to stay healthy and fit. Ginger tea, for example, is good for the immune system, provides energy and stimulates the metabolism before a meal. Sage tea is recommended for colds and sore throats. Herbal tea with fennel and caraway calms the stomach after eating and promotes digestion. Melissa tea strengthens the heart and has a calming effect.

Herbal tea can be purchased in bulk, packaged in a bag, glass or bottle, or as a tea bag. Tea bags are particularly practical for a cup in everyday life. For loose herbal blends, there are now numerous aids and innovative new developments that help you to prepare your herbal tea quickly and easily. You can put the tea loose in a tea tongs, a tea filter made of paper or fabric or a tea egg and pour boiling water over it. The infusion time and the recommended temperature vary depending on the herbs contained. It is therefore best to follow the recommendations on the packaging during preparation.

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Herbal Tea